Be Strong



We all want it. 

The secret is, we all have it. 

You just need to know how to access it.

Strength training is as much of a skill as anything else - it takes a special understanding of your body and a precise amount of work. That's exactly what you'll learn and exactly what you'll do.


In this 5 week package, you receive:

  • Two (2) in-person Training Sessions

  • A Daily Workout Plan

  • Complete Online Coaching and access to me for 5 weeks regarding workouts

  • One (1) 20-minute Skype call to use whenever you want


What's Expected of You?

  • A minimum of twice weekly email reports to me on your workouts, with details of specific sets/reps/tempo of training you've completed.
  • To work as hard as you can to achieve your goal.


Though it may help, you aren't required to have access to a gym to complete this training. This plan will allow you to work out effectively without the use of any commercial equipment.


Ready to do it?