We move differently.

You've probably glanced at a few of the pictures around the website, or seen photos of me training people of all backgrounds on social media by now. I want you to move in ways you thought you couldn't, or always wanted to, and we don't need a gym to do it!  A simple, inviting place to move around, be mobile, and maybe even swing a kettlebell is all we need, and that's what we've worked hard to build inside of Reset PT in Manhattan.

Everyone who trains with me will leave their first session knowing where they need work, where they're immobile, but also where they're strong. How you choose to proceed is up to you, but you will know what needs work.

Private Sessions

One-on-one (or semi private) workout for up to 60 minutes with me at the Financial District studio.

You may also come in for a single session performance evaluation in which I will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and current body composition metrics. Following the session, you'll receive my notes. Please Note: these notes are NOT a program, they are an evaluation that you can work from on your own, and are purely for informational purposes. 

1 Session, $130

4 Sessions, $449

8 Sessions, $860

12 Sessions, $1230

*Military and police discounts available.


Online Training

Not local to NYC? Or maybe you are, but you simply need a plan of attack to help prepare you for an important event, competition or meet? Maybe you're a self motivated gym enthusiast who doesn't need someone there in person with them, but rather, a guide from afar?

Online Training was built for you.

How It Works:

  • With my Online/Remote Training Program, you'll get specifically tailored workouts, mobility exercises and recovery practices, specifically recommended for you based on a series of careful questionnaires and conversations with me. 
  • After enrolling, you'll be sent a series of questionnaires to learn more about you and your goals.
  • All programs, correspondence, and video demos are comprehensively organized and housed in a state of the art web-app (coming soon to iOS and Android). 
  •  Check in with me by email any time of the day, and get a response within hours.

$180 per month

You'll be billed one month from the start day on a recurring basis. You may cancel any time with 7-days notice before your billing date.


Nutrition Coaching and Weight Management for Sport

If you have a great handle on working out, movement, or your sport, but need some help with nutrition, or losing weight, this is the program for you. 

How It Works:

  • This is a 6 week program, aimed at jump-starting and educating you on how to eat for a lifetime of success. 
  • We collect information from you via a comprehensive questionnaire and initial phone consultation. In that discussion, we'll go over health history, and a number of different questions that gather a full picture of your goals and what protocols are right for you.
  • Once we go over all your information, we'll connect to discuss and outline your personalized nutrition plan (which will be emailed to you).  This plan will include quantities, food types, and all information you'll need to lose weight, build muscle, perform better, or whatever your stated goal is.
  • You'll log your food intake for every meal & snack during the time outlined. 
  • Every other week, we’ll check in with a 30 minute phone call and discuss your successes, where you have room for improvement and you’ll have a chance to ask any questions directly.  
  • In addition to these phone calls, you can check in with me by email any time of the day, and get a response within 24 hours, for any questions you have.
  • Weight Division Athletes: this is the service for you if you need to make weight in time for a competition (weight cuts). For best results, begin 6-8 weeks prior to the competition date. If you need more emergency services, please contact me.

After working with a number of clients over the past few years on their nutrition, I've found that people are more successful with their body composition goals when they have a clear plan of execution, and can check in for meaningful face-time with a coach at regular intervals, rather than simply being "on retainer." That way, we have small, actionable steps every time we meet.

This service is broken down into three (3) 30-minute phone calls every two weeks. You also can email any questions you have in between our meetings, and they will be answered. This is NOT a recurring payment, subscription or recurring coaching service. This is a series of consultations, packaged in a one-time payment. There are no payment installments offered.



For the full 6 week program.



You can also schedule or enroll in any training program, or purchase sessions by using the Contact page to email DiSalvo Performance Training directly.

*Team sports, professionals, training camps and other coaches: please contact me for team rates and programs.