Great performance comes from great health. 

There's no one approach that works for everyone.

You may have found that out already on your own health and fitness journey. 

Whether you're at an advanced stage in your sport, or finding your way to training for the first time in your life, the reality and evaluation of where you are matters. That's why I do things differently at DiSalvo Performance Training.

Through a combination of effective training methods, nutrition, and overall wellness measures, we take on your health as a project, where we define the amount of time up front that makes sense for you and your goals and we execute together.

How It Works

Through a combination of private sessions, a state-of-the-art online platform, and through consistent communication, I make sure you know exactly what to do, and have the support to do it: whether you're in New York, Los Angeles, or across the Atlantic.

In other words, we are a team, and we work together in all areas of your life, not just your workouts at the studio.

The First Session

Our first meeting/session is a one-on-one workout and conversation, generally 60-75 minutes with me at the Financial District studio in Manhattan.

We'll go through some movement tests, a workout, and talk about your goals, where you want to go, and start laying the ground work for how to get you there.

After this session, we'll discuss what course of action and training relationship makes sense whether it's frequent training sessions, or check-ins with remote workouts. 

We will figure that out, together.

This first session and intake is $150

For scheduling and package pricing, please email us or use the button below.


Online Coaching & Training

Not local to NYC? Or maybe you are, but you simply need a plan of attack to help prepare you for an important event, competition or meet? Maybe you're a self motivated gym enthusiast who doesn't need someone there in person with them, but rather, a guide from afar?

Online Training was built for you.

How It Works:

  • With my Online/Remote Training Program, you'll get specifically tailored workouts, mobility exercises and recovery practices, specifically recommended for you based on a series of careful questionnaires and conversations with me.

  • After enrolling, you'll be sent a series of questionnaires to learn more about you and your goals.

  • All programs, correspondence, and video demos are comprehensively organized and housed in a state of the art web-app you can access from any device: phone or computer.

  • Check in with me by email any time of the day, and get a response within hours: I am your coach and we work together through problems using modern tech and contact.

Rates start at $189 per month


You'll be billed one month from the start day on a recurring basis. You may cancel any time with 7-days notice before your billing date.

*Custom rates and packages can be made using the online programming and platform system for locals who wish to come to the studio on a semi-regular basis. Contact for more information.





You can schedule or enroll in any training program by using the Contact page to email DiSalvo Performance Training directly.

*Team sports, professionals, training camps and other coaches: please contact me for team rates and programs.