The following are the general rules of training at DiSalvo Performance, and are also the terms of service, policies and procedures. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these rules for the best possible experience.


Private Training and General Business Policies

Private Session Scheduling and Time

All sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length. The actual length will vary based on goal, appropriateness of workout, etc. The remaining 5-10 minutes on the hour are for changing clothes, transition and last minute questions. Please be advised that we may end early if the workout dictates this.


Please respect that at the end of the full hour that the booked session time has concluded. There are incoming clients, calls, and physical therapists that DiSalvo Performance Training shares its space with, and space confines dictate that we can only accommodate a limited number of people. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. If there’s unsettled questions or concerns at the conclusion of your session, we can happily set-up a time for a call.  I encourage you to send an email at any time with any questions as well.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all sessions are to be scheduled on the hour (ie: 8am, 9am, etc), and not half past the hour.


Private Session Expiration and Policies


Sessions, including packages of sessions, expire 75 days from the date of purchase.

There are no refunds, credits or compensations offered prior to or after services being rendered, under any circumstances.

In the event of an injury or illness, a written note must be provided by a medical doctor, and the 75 day expiration period will be put on hold until your return. Please contact DiSalvo Performance Training for more details in this event.

No private training sessions will be rendered unless signature of liability waiver is collected from client. Please note that a purchase of a session is also an agreement of the terms of service.


Cancellations and Rescheduling


A strict 24 hour notice policy is enforced and respectfully asked for in the event that you need to cancel a scheduled session.

The penalty for missing a session is full forfeiture of a session rate. 

Please note, this is very strictly enforced for all individuals.  DiSalvo Performance understands there are last minute changes in a hectic schedule of the modern working person, so we recommend the following to avoid fees:

  • If you have any hint of a conflict looming because of unknown external commitments, then please err on the side of caution and reschedule/cancel 24 hours or before. There are no hard feelings.

  • If you have a unique situation with a volatile schedule, please bring that up ahead of time and we will work out a solution. Do not wait until after it becomes a problem to address.  


Privacy & Multimedia


Every step is taken to ensure you have as much privacy as you desire. DiSalvo Performance Training operates primarily inside of Reset Physical Therapy, and is a supremely private setting in which the workout environment can be completely tailored to the client. Your personal information is never shared with anyone. DiSalvo Performance Training reserves the right to use all workout data compiled for presentation and data analysis purposes in a professional setting, but there will be no identifying information shared under any circumstance, unless you have given prior consent.

DiSalvo Performance Training will not share any identifying information, and will only be compelled to do so in the case of legal subpoena or state/federally mandated action.

In the case of extraordinary results, your workout program or methods may be shared via the DiSalvo Performance Training website or other mediums. This is for the betterment of our industry and to celebrate your successes. Your name will be hidden if you wish.



Please do not take videos of the sessions. If requested, we can film video of techniques or exercises on DiSalvo Performance Training’s devices and will upload for your viewing.

The waiver you sign at the beginning of our training relationship contains an appearance release, in which you grant DiSalvo Performance Training the right to use any video or images we take during a session in multimedia or social media context. If you’d prefer to not be featured on social media or videos, please let us know.

The only thing we ask that you do to insure the privacy of both clients at DPT and patients at Reset Physical Therapy, is to please not linger and hang out past your session time. Some people are dealing with sensitive cases that call for privacy and we want to show them that respect. The same respect will always be shown to you as well, so please indicate if you prefer extra privacy measures during your sessions.

If something can be done to make working out and training more friendly and enjoyable, please let us know.


Promotions, Values, and Other Platforms

DiSalvo Performance Training uses other services from time to time in a marketing partnership capacity. Any promotions that are run via these businesses are not endorsed or redeemable at DiSalvo Performance Training directly. DiSalvo Performance Training Inc. reserves the right to turn down any of these promotions at any time. As a rule, if you wish to redeem the promotion, please use it via the service it was offered.  


Online Training


General Correspondence

Online Training is a core competency of the full scale strength and conditioning service provided at DiSalvo Performance Training and one we are very proud to offer. As such, you will always receive an answer to any message you send within 24 hours or less.

Please use email or correspondence via TrueCoach to guarantee reply and receipt of message. Reserve text messages for logistical issues only, and please do not use text messages as a form of log reporting or questions. Results, notes and progress are lost via text message and are not logged properly. This is for the efficacy of your own program.

There are “dark days” throughout the year in which 24-hour or less replies are likely, but not guaranteed:

  • There is one “dark” day per week (Saturday), in which you are likely, but not guaranteed to receive a reply within 24 hours, unless it is submitted before 7pm Friday evening.

  • Other “dark days” are banking and national US holidays; in other words, if the banks are closed, we are too.



All logs are to be submitted and filled out via TrueCoach, a private, invitation-only web app (soon to be iOS and Android). Upon receipt of first payment, you’ll be invited to join and download.  Once operational, your workouts will receive a reply within 24 hours after a workout log is filled out and marked as “completed”.

Please use the internal messaging system to send messages or questions. You may also use emails. Neither has a faster response rate, so feel free to use your preference.

For nutrition coaching, please use and fill out logs via My Fitness Pal. Your logs on My Fitness Pal will be read and you’ll receive email notes 3 times per week. In your first 10 days of service, you can expect to be in contact every day, receiving daily feedback as we work through your eating habits.



The use of the FitBot platform and any DiSalvo Performance Training Inc materials are strictly intended for use by the recipient. By terms of the agreement of service, you are not to share any information with any person or on social media.

The workout programs you receive are intellectual property of DiSalvo Performance Training Inc, and unauthorized re-publication of your programs is strictly prohibited.



Payment is done in a recurring payment system in which you will be charged every 30 days. There are no refunds once this charge is made.

You may cancel the service at any time with 7-business days written notice. Please send that notice to Please keep track of your charge date (it will be every 30 days from the start date/1st charge), as there are no refunds once this charge is made.