breathing techniques

New Video with Steve Maxwell: Breath Control Workouts

I was pleasantly surprised last night to see the video that Steve Maxwell and I shot in San Diego back in March was posted to his website.  

If you listen to Functional Meatheads, you've heard me break it down a little, but this workout is all about breathing, specifically "hypoxic breathing." It's intended to help you get rid of "panic breaths" - those short, crocodile breaths - that are usually present when you're scared, tired, or in a state of alarm. It's for this reason that this workout is phenomenal for athletes of any contact sport, specifically combat sports. In reality though, any mindful athlete could watch this and absorb and apply it to their body and sport.

We accomplish this training through 4-5 simple exercises with a novel take on breathing and breath timing. Sound cool? It really is! I'll write more on breathing techniques in future blogs, as it's a topic I have an odd passion for. 

Check it out the trailer above on YouTube, and if you're interested, hit up Steve's website here for a copy. It's only $10, but well worth it if you want some great info (and to see me squirm while holding my breath).