Jiu Jitsu Strength


Jiu Jitsu Strength


A 3-month strength training program designed for jiu jitsu athletes of all levels, looking to really improve their mat strength and performance.

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Jiu Jitsu Strength is a program I developed after years of training jiu jitsu personally, and after years of professional work with competitive and recreational jiu jitsu athletes alike.

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art, but it is still a sport that requires your body to be conditioned and ready for the rigors of actual combat; day in, and day out. The people who realize this and train accordingly, or those with a history of strength training and athletics, are typically the ones who are able to train most effectively or without delays in progress.

There is a difference between powerlifting, bodybuilding, calisthenics or any other system of training and strength training for sport as an athlete. Jiu Jitsu Strength is that program for the Jiu Jitsu Athlete.


What you get:

  • A 3 month training program template in PDF form.

  • A comprehensive written background on how to think about strength and conditioning for jiu jitsu and relevant background information.

  • Full video demonstrations for every exercise (linked/streamed within the document). 

What is a “program template?” 

  • I call this a program template, because I give some choice to the athlete to pick exercises they feel work better for them based on their current strengths/weaknesses. The program has a guide for choosing the right exercises for you as well.

  • Because you won’t be working with me or a strength coach 1-on-1, you need to be able to make adjustments and know how to do so. I also want to ensure you have the proper knowledge for progressions and regressions, and give you room to do those.

Who is this right for?

  • This is a must for any jiu jitsu athlete, of any gender, who competes or wants to compete in jiu jitsu.

  • The grappler who wants to be stronger on the mats

  • Anyone who wants to help their body feel better, and possibly decrease their chance for injury.

  • The non-competitor who wants to be stronger and more fit (jiu jitsu alone is many things, but it is not a fitness system).

What This is Not:

  • This is NOT a 1-on-1 coaching program or service.

  • This is not a weight-loss program- though you may very well have improvements in body composition.

  • This is not a conditioning program for cardio specifically— this is a strength training template.

What You’ll Need To Do This:

  • A basic, well-equipped gym or home gym that has barbells, dumbbells, an adjustable bench and a pull-up bar. Other exercises that may have specific components are given an alternative that will be available at most gyms or will require a very small accessory purchase on your part (~$10 on Amazon in most cases).

This program is based on the methods I have used with top jiu jitsu athletes from some of the best academies in the world and has been tested and used with actual jiu jitsu practitioners from white to black belt.