Move & Work Better

If you're a business, non-profit or team looking to add a little movement to your workplace, DiSalvo Performance Training has you covered. 

From weekly workouts in your office (or off-site), to more comprehensive programs to get your team moving and healthy, we create custom, personalized programs for every workplace that help build morale, optimize performance and make everyone a little more limber in the modern workplace.   

Services Offered:

  • Group & Individual Fitness Classes 
  • Educational & Hands-On Seminars/Info Sessions on staying mobile and healthy in the modern working world (and other topics relevant to you).
  • Workplace "Makeovers" - consulting you on how to best optimize your office for movement and productivity by installation of easy programs and sometimes equipment.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching for employees.
  • Creating "Go-To Menus" for getting the best, healthiest meals at local eateries and take-out restaurants. 

Because every workplace and the demands of it are so unique, we'll be able to provide you with our best, most actionable plan in our consultation or first meeting. The services we can provide are not limited to those above. 

Contact us today to hear what we can do for you, or to arrange a demo session.